Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Blogrollin'

I was checking out this video about a Corpus Christi festival having to do with baby-jumping (embedded by Mark Shea here; salute to the Western Confucian). After it was over, a list of related videos came up. The one which piqued my interest was the Photoshop Effect. It ably demonstrates just how far the images we see of celebrities (especially women) are removed from reality. I've written about this before.

It is an aspect of the Culture of Death, which obsesses over sex divorced from new life, empty and stagnant. The goal of sex is not self-giving, but self-gratification, and the means is to meet some arbitrary, unhealthy, and exaggerated physique commonly called "sexy".

More and more evidence that mental health and self respect are greatly enhanced by ignoring the main stream media.

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