Saturday, August 18, 2007

Do Not Click The Links

I am in deadly earnest. These links will open up new windows (or possibly tabs, depending on your browser), of aborted children, kept by Priests for Life. These are real life images, and one college-age kid said that they were more violent than anything he'd ever seen in any movie or video game, EVER. Having finally looked at them I have to agree. I sincerely believe that only a sociopath could view these images and not have his heart broken and his head twisted up. It is beyond my imagination that one could perform abortions for a living and NOT have one's conscience seared to slag.

DO NOT let children see them.

Aborted at nine weeks
Aborted at ten weeks
Aborted at eleven weeks

I have to stop now. It's just too painful for me to look at any more. If you're sure you want to carry on, this page has text links to both the images I've linked to here and the pathologist's reports that authenticate them.

Blessed Virgin and Holy Innocents, pray for us!

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