Friday, November 23, 2007

Global Warming

The Scientific Method does not suggest that we take up a new scientific theory unless the old one has been contradicted by the evidence. In fact, when the new theory is more complicated than the old one, this is nearly required; Occam's Razor, which tells us that of all competing theories, the simplest one that explains all the data is the most likely to be true, is a widely-used rule of thumb in developing hypotheses.

We have had a fairly simple and reasonable explanation for changes in global temperature already. The Sun warms the Earth; clouds cool it. Clouds form around space dust that the Earth sweeps up as it moves. The more Solar radiation there is (indicated primarily by sunspots), the more space dust is blown out of the Earth's path, resulting in fewer clouds and a warmer Earth. When there is less Solar radiation, the Earth moves through a higher density of space dust, resulting in more clouds and a cooler earth. Because the oceans are a huge heat sink, there is a delay of 200 to 800 years between cause and effect. As far as I know, there is no evidence that contradicts this theory. If there is, I would really like for somebody to tell me about it.

The new hypothesis is at times contradicted by the evidence. It claims that global temperatures are controlled the level of atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane. The hypothesis goes on to claim that changes in these concentrations brought about by human activity are the most significant. The problem with that is the scale of human activity, compared to that of geological activity. It's like claiming you can do more to make your car faster by emptying your pockets than by removing 200kg of concrete that you've put into the trunk and back seat.

The most reasonable explanation I've yet heard for the adoption of the new hypothesis is that Margaret Thatcher thought it would help convince the British to use more nuclear power and less coal. Then the developing world realized what a powerful inducement this would be for the US and the rest of the Western world to cripple itself, economically. And it serves to indict combustion as mala in se, since you can hardly burn ANYTHING without releasing carbon dioxide, and it's MUCH harder to produce anything when you are forbidden to burn nearly everything.

It comes down to another attack on human life. We humans cope with our environment by making stuff. Those who tout the anthrogenic theory of global warming want to severely restrict our ability to do so.

The Golden Compass

This article repeats what Snopes will confirm: that The Golden Compass is a book about destroying God, and was written specifically to do so in the minds of children.

But don't neglect the reader comments. The following is very pertinent, in my opinion.

[T]he perverted view of sexuality and the agenda of adults sexualizing children is enough to condemn anyone who has given this author an award in the field of children's literature as a supporter of his perverted views.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Deo Gratias!

Like most of those I read, I am thankful for life, breath, food, shelter, the love of God, salvation, my family, and my friends. But also, I am thankful that fountain pens persist, more than forty years after they were overshadowed by the ballpoint.

I enjoy writing on paper. And no writing instrument is so comfortable for long stints of writing by hand on paper than a fountain pen. They require almost no pressure or effort, and can be held at a more comfortable angle than other pens. If you prefer to write with a light hand, find one and give it a try! Remarkably inexpensive models can be found at I Sell Pens and His Nibs.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stopping Abortion

We seek and strive and pray for an end to abortion. But we continue to see no progress. Why?

Well, for one thing -- perhaps the MAIN thing -- we continue to tolerate this.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Golden Compass

I don't know if everyone's been warned about this deliberately anti-Christian tripe, so I'm doing it now. I haven't read the book, or the other two in the trilogy (which is called His Dark Materials and is written by much celebrated author Phillip Pullman). But based on the consistent message of the reviews I've seen, and the author's comments regarding the books, it's definitely something to keep your children away from.

Of the reviews I've seen, this one is the best.