Thursday, March 20, 2008


I can at times get inured to the horror and evil of abortion. And then I'm noodling around on Catholic Exchange, and find a link to Men and Abortion. And right on the front page was this video by Flipsyde:

I wept. The Piper brings home, most poignantly, the loss of fatherhood that comes with an abortion. I thank God I never advocated an abortion to anyone, even when I was too self-blinded to see it for the homicide that it is.

Still, I was reminded of another video that made the rounds of St. Blog's last year.

Mes Aïeux - Dégénération

It was the distinctly pro-life second verse that got people's attention. I had just enough French left over from high school to follow the lyrics in the original with the help of the subtitles. That brought home to me just how weak the translation was. It is highly accurate, but the prose used sucks all the impact out of the original language. It was a crying shame. So, fancying myself a bit of a wordsmith, I created English lyrics for the second verse, based on the French, but not directly translated from it. Don't ask me why, but they work better if a French accent is used.
Your great-great-grandmother, she had fourteen enfants/

Your great-grandmother, she had about the same amount/

Your grandmother had three, and found that sufficient/

Your mother just had you, and you were an accident/

And as for you my girl, you go from man to man/

And when things go wrong, you get an abortion/

Sometimes you wake in tears, and cry until the dawn/

On nights you'd dreamt of home, all full of your children....

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