Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Novus Ordo

I know there are a lot of people out there who think the Novus Ordo Mass is as close to crap as anything promulgated by the Magisterium and the Holy See can be. But it isn't, really; celebrated properly, without the improvised innovations brought about by the Permanent Liturgical Revolutionary Cadres, and mostly in Latin, ad orientam, it is perhaps even better than the Mass of the Missal of Pope Blessed John XXIII.

This letter, written to a new pastor who was replacing a priest of marvelous fidelity and grace, tells a lot more about that (look for the recollection of a Novus Ordo as I describe above, near the end). This is precisely what I hope the traditionalists will do for us: get us wider use of traditional forms in the Ordinary Form of Mass. Salute to Cavey for the link.

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Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

I certainly think you're right. I've been to Masses that have made me understand how some can think the Novus Ordo is worthless. I've also been to plenty of wonderful Novus Ordo Masses, and strongly believe in its potential for greatness. (I also am amused whenever somebody seems to identify the old form with Latin, as I have been to plenty of good Novus Ordo Masses in Latin.) The Novus Ordo, properly celebrated, is just as Traditional as the older form, a continuation of the Church's Tradition. With the older form made free once again, I see great hope it will remind us that the Novus Ordo is part of the Tradition and set us on the path to bring out its great potential.