Thursday, May 24, 2012

Something to Share

I've just discovered Lindsey Stirling. I really love her videos. Here's an example:

In case you're wondering why, first, I'd have to say that her face is utterly radiant with joy and enthusiasm for what she's doing.

Second, I've been of the opinion for some time that innovative art very often consists of taking elements of two or three disparate styles in a given medium, or else elements of disparate media, and combining them. Lindsey Sterling combines violin with hip-hop dance. I know from experience that it is tough enough to play trumpet while walking, let alone stomping. Keeping the bow on the strings of a violin while bouncing around as she does is a challenge in and of itself. To simultaneously play well and dance well is a remarkable feat.

Third is her authenticity, which this video makes clear she values. She clearly loves her music and choreography. But in addition, she avoids several inauthentic and self-exploitative variations of femininity, such as this one or its byproducts. She is feminine and beautiful without any attempt to be a trollop like Lady Gaga or Kei$ha or the Pussycat Dolls or.... you get the idea. Her sexuality is not something she flaunts, and I say kudos. She reflects God's beauty in a way that seeking to be hot cannot.

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