Thursday, December 30, 2010

These Stone Walls

These Stone Walls has just been added to my blogroll. It is composed on a rather flaky word-processor typewriter in a New Hampshire penitentiary by a priest who will in all likelihood remain in prison until (if) he reaches the age of 108. He will serve this sentence of 67 years because he maintains his innocence. Had he admitted guilt, he would have served no more than three years, and perhaps no more than one.

I just started reading this blog about four or five hours ago. It is absolutely RIVETING. I should have been in bed two or three hours ago. I am having a very difficult time leaving it alone. Part of this is because Fr. Gordon Macrae is demonstrating tremendous Christian charity in outrageously trying and difficult circumstances. I recommend him and his writings very highly.

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G.J. MacRae said...

As a prisoner I have no online access whatsoever. Many find it ironic that I have never actually even seen my own blog, These Stone Walls. This post was read to me by telephone, and it is rare that i have an opportunity to leave a comment. As a wrongly imprisoned priest, words cannot express how grateful I am to hear my writings described with such praise. I'm in a place where men usually have no voice. Thank you for helping mine to speak with more clarity. With blessings to you and your readers.

Fr. Gordon J. MacRae